History Archive of the Municipality of Colima

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Beautiful and old mansion on street Colima Independence number 79, which is the custodian of records as the memory of the residents of the town of Colima, whose antiquity is the year of its founding on July 25, 1523.

The oldest documents here guarded to the back year 1535, thus becoming one of the most important archives of Western Mexico, and that protects from everyday happenings of a colonial village, as requests, demands, powers , letters, wills, civil litigation and even criminal, relationships, conflicts over land and water, among others.

By Decree 142 dated January 16, 1993, created the Historical Archives of the Municipality of Colima, as decentralized public entity of the municipal administration, appearing as members of its board eminent personalities like Mr. Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado +, and Licda poet and writer. Griselda Alvarez Ponce de Leon +, former governor of the state.

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